︎︎︎ (BA THESIS) The System Is Finite seeks to explore the initiation, expectations, and limitations of finite and infinite digital life forms. It is driven to uncover the astrophysical, quantum mechanical, and logical applications of design. Through technological application, we can define and break down each component of our universe to view its cosmological evolution as a network. Within this, the focal point arises: the presence, absence, and existence of infinite states. When we begin to understand the characteristics of a state being infinite, only then can we discuss if infinite states exist within the physical world
30 booklets were made for the School of Design 2022 Graduate Show opening. 

︎︎︎ Index

Size: 20 x 10 cm

Booklet Pt 1: G.F Smith White Parch Marque 100gsm 

Booklet Pt 2 + belly-bands: G.F Smith Radiant White Transclear 105gsm
︎︎︎ To inform my approach, programming languages JavaScript and Python have been used to determine each design computation. These code-led pieces aid me in reinforcing the belief that our universe is systematically designed. To ultimately encourage a re-evaluation of the nature of the universe we are placed within, and how what seems random, is wholly organised, and well within our subjective interpretation and understanding.

The System Is Finite, 2022