︎︎︎ Wait, What?

The hunt for full-time work begins; now that my time as an undergraduate student is over, I believe it would be best for me to re-evaluate what it is that I love about being a Graphic Designer.

And so:

I like to problem solve, kind of. Well: I like to solve it internally. I’m not very political, see— well I am, but I’m a typically reserved person… on the tooooooooooooo (sorry my key got stuck) on the topic of being reserved, my work is pretty monochromatic, I wear a lot of black, I watch alot of 70s sci-fi + horror. I like this level of ambiguity to manipulate my work. BUT sometimes I’m kind of like fuck it I want to use this neon green for no reason other than it being neon… and green. I like that designers are nerds, no seriously, I really like cranes… the mechanical ones not the birds. But what I REALLY like about design is how everyone is the same but different, bare with me: we all like the same designers, the same books, the same weather, the same snacks— but Person 1’s design style will be really self-reflective, soft, and delicate, and Person 2’s design style will be super futuristic, Artificial-Intelligence-led, and generally just a bit odd. I like that people LOOK like their design style: the graphic-tees and straight-leg jeans with a classic nike shoe give you the all-round designers; good at everything; somehow good at every. single. software. Those with fun make-up give you quirky design; empowering design; something that really leaves an impression— perspective-changing. The people who wear all black give you this unnecessary overload of research and information to back-up a very simple project to which everyone is kind of like… ‘uhhh… what the f*ck are they talking about?’ But no, truly, I think what I really love about being a Graphic Designer is how smart we all are. Psychology? Yup. Geography? Yes, even history, history of design. Science (for all the designers that feel the need to legitimise all their work) yes! Mathematics, we measure stuff sometimes, or we lose the will to live and measure by eye. English? EN/EM/DASHES BABY, and also, well: we can’t be having any typos… unless it’s on purpose? But why would it be on purpose? Ohhhh because graphic designers also need to be creative! funny! woo! Have a bit of flare. But if I had to narrow it all down: Graphic Designers are just really super incredibly fantastically undoubtably no question about it— wait

what was the question again?

Wait, What?, 2022